• Susan Chan & Family
    Susan Chan & Family
    We recently required the services of a realtor to aid in the selling of our home for many years on the Westside of Vancouver We briefly talked to 5 realtors (2 of whom approached/canvassed us) but after meeting and speaking with him we chose KRIS POPE of Dexter Realty because of: (i) the way he presented himself and came across—his deportment was very professional (ii) his knowledge of both product and market conditions (iii) his openness and sincerity (iv) and MOST importantly we were confident he could “make it happen” Kris was highly energetic and acted quickly to effectively market our house. As a result, it SOLD in the first week our house hit the market–during an open house attended by many interested people. We were very happy with the price we got and would not hesitate to recommend Kris to anyone looking to sell their home. Sincerely, -Susan Chan & Family-
    “Kris provided professional service from start to finish. He communicated clearly every step of the way and made the process of selling my home a very positive experience. His knowledge and expertise was apparent from day one.  I highly recommend his services!”
  • Wertman Financial Inc
    Wertman Financial Inc Wertman Financial Inc
    To Whom It May Concern:   WERTMAN FINANCIAL INC RE: LUZON RESIDENTIAL/COMMERCIAL CONDOMINIUM PROJECT It is my pleasure to recommend Kris Pope; his performance working as Sales Listing Agent for our Luzon project proved that he would be a valuable asset to any landlord, developer or home owner looking to sell. Wertman Financial Inc. hired Kris Pope as the selling agent for a 10 unit luxury condominium construction in September of 2008 (www.luzonliving.com) after an unsuccessful year of marketing with MacDonald Realty. Kris re-launched the project and immediately brought city wide attention to our building. Kris diligently toured prospective buyers through the suites, day and night, 7 days a week and achieved sales in poor market conditions where very few other developers were making sales (Fall/Winter 2008). Within eight months of taking over our project, Mr. Pope had successfully achieved 100% sales. Kris distinguishes himself with a highly energetic, positive, and charming approach to clients and strong market and product knowledge. His work ethic is impeccable as is his dedication to work and achieving goals. It was a pleasure having Kris Pope involved in the Luzon sales and his performance with our project should be a good indication of how he could perform in yours. If I can be of further assistance or provide any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.   Sincerely, Jason M. Wertman WERTMAN FINANCIAL INC www.wertmandevelopment.com _________________________________
  • Diana Zoe Coop
    Diana Zoe Coop
    I am writing this reference letter in regard to my personal and professional experiences this past year working with realtor Kris Pope.  Mr. Pope was the listing agent for the sale of my home in Point Grey, Vancouver at the end of January, 2010. He also assisted me by helping me navigate the real estate system and find the perfect home in North Vancouver, which I purchased in March, 2010. I moved into my new property at the beginning of June.   Kris is the consummate professional. I have known him and his family for over thirty years, and my decision to choose him as my agent was carefully researched and planned.  I interviewed four agents, and selected Kris for the following important reasons: his track record, his knowledge of the Westside property market, his connections in the area, his outgoing, friendly, “easy to deal with” personality, and his prompt, reasoned responses to all my questions.   We understood one another, and my objectives when listing my property on the market, and he knew how to help me realize the full potential of the sale. He made a number of suggestions which made a real difference in the results. I sold my house before the open, for $200,000 over asking. If not for his skillful negotiations, this would never have been the outcome.   In addition, I was able to buy a super home with his help; he presented my offer in the right way, with a complicated subject that allowed me the time to have the home inspected for specific purposes. It all worked out so well. I was extremely grateful for his attention to every detail. I highly recommend Kris Pope.   Please feel free to contact me personally re questions in regard to the reference I have provided for Mr. Kris Pope.   Respectfully, Diana Zoe Coop 4442 Prospect Road North Vancouver, British Columbia V7N 3L7 604 929 9669 dianazoecoop@shaw.ca

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